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Azimio leader Raila attacks Supreme Court judges over judgment


Raila: Judgment not inspired by God but inspired by the devil
Raila: CJ Koome has destroyed what has been built in 10 yrs


    1. @ISMAIL OSANO OMAR sisi hatuwezi,jaluo ndio wanamuabudu huyu babu na watu winging kama wewe.Huyu ni punda aliyochoka.

    2. @symon wanjohi Wewe kama unamuabudu mwanadamu mwenzako useme. Mie siabudu Yesu wala raila. Mie namuabudu Mwenyezi Mungu mmoja (Allah).

  1. It’s absolutely not acceptable for Raira and Martha Karua who incidentally got only 93 votes from her voting station (village) to talk ill of
    Supreme judges, they should heavily pay for it

  2. Shame on u mzee , our institution will never be with peace because of u .??? All the time u complain election manipulation, now you wanted judiciary to faver u ?? Shame on, leave our judiciary alone u are a problem in our country, u have been to be president, stop painting dirty on our transparent institution , hata kukichage tuweke your brother hautawai kubali matokeo we know u

  3. Hot air and nonsense CJ and her team would have let them repeat the election. I think Raila is saying the truth, he has been around for a long time to know who is saying the truth and who is not. The judiciary, iebc, and Camargo elected the president of kenya, so sad.

  4. I like how azimio are copying n have been copying Kenya kwanza..now you are reading your speech from a tablet………..

  5. Raila is back in town and it seems the great man is in a fighting mood.

    My guess, gleaned from listening to his angry speech, is that the opposition is planning to mobilize en mass using the Supreme Court, the IEBC and President Ruto as their catalystic triangle..

    You lose elections but do not concede.

    The IEBC declares your loss but you do not concede.

    The Supreme Court upholds your loss but you do not concede.

    The President is sworn in but you do not concede.

    All institutions agree you lost but you still do not concede.

    What is you’re message baba?

  6. You said u will accept the results, you didn’t, u siad you will accept the supreme verdict you didn’t, if we change those words and tell u were beaten at the polling stations u will still say it is takataka.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣 true. the nerve to bring fake server hacking logs in Supreme court…by the way where is your parallel tally centre results??

    2. @Sheldon Mass they are same people who cried for server to be opened in 2017..hii mwaka results zikakuwa open they are yet to tell us what they got from their own tallying center!!

  7. He praised them when they annauled and now he’s condemning them when they upheld. What a clown. Umetuchosha mzee. Martha peleka aibu home, hide and be quiet, we all know you brought less than 1000 votes total.

  8. Citizen TV….advise Raila that the election and swearing in is over…
    He has lost over 5 times in an election.!!! Was the supreme court responsible for his failures and losses?

  9. With all due respect, TINGA, please give us a break. Attacking the judiciary will not help you politically or otherwise. In fact, it will erode the great respect that the people of Kenya and the world have for you.

    My advice, weigh your words

  10. Mganga is back with dangerous incitement. When you was away Kenya was at peace. Go back to your mganga and tell him this time round hamtaweza. Shindwe nyinyi

    1. Do you ever witness when he has mganga? Why are you disrespect @Raila odinga fought for this country stop insult..onge’r

    2. @jackline achieng fought for who? He never went to the forest like our forefather did. Huyo ni jabazi jangiri angependa sana Kenya iwe kama Somali vita. No respect for him he has no respect for nobody even our institutions. If the win is for him then everything is ok but when not institutions are bad. Aende

    1. He’s fighting for who??..
      An example after handshake si uliona vile aliacha kiana kalonzo,mudavadi etc..saii akiieza fanya handshake na Ruto you won’t hear him complain!!

    2. Who is he fighting for,, if Kenyans wanted him they would definitely elect him but they didn’t,, why don’t you see things clearlyπŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  11. Credible leaders wins their own elections, Kenyans don’t need to fight one another in the streets for them.
    Goodbye Raila.

  12. This guy is sick, he needs to go home. Next IEBC invest in counting machine. By 7pm you know the results and hii mchezo Itaisha Kenya

  13. Wewe Raila Kama unataka President ujue kuiba Kura na kutumia pesa, hizi unaongea Ni kelele,na ujue unaumiza wafuasi wako after every five years when will you learn

  14. Bando umeshikiria tu? Hivyo ndivo kunaendaga yagange yajayo Sasa, leadership is the ability to influence each other to achieve a common goal, once a leader always a leader, value being judgment standard through which people decide on those desirable goals and their outcomes. Ask the Supreme judges they will tell you more about it. No one’s opinion is important but reality of fact. Complaining make you look stupid and unreasonable especially when going against a decision based on an issue already overcomed by event sort via Justice process. βš–οΈ on which you promised to adhere and agreed to go with the court decision in advance.

  15. NONSENSE….the last kicks of a dying horse, It had to be Raila’s way or no other way, someone takes the MIC from this MZEE, the things he’s throwing these days are too low. he needs to leave the active politics and take care of his bad health!

  16. Sasa kila siku mutaongea huu ujinga wenu mukieka kwa media badili ya kuongea mambo ya kusaidia watu wa eneo mulizoshinda…acheni ujinga wakiwekea watu roho mbaya..hakuna mtu atakaefanya fujo ama kupigana this time..nendeni court ya ulimwengu pia mujaribu peke yenu


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