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Azimio leader Raila Odinga attacks Supreme Court judges over judgment


Azimio-One Kenya Alliance Leader Raila Odinga says reforming the judiciary, the Independent Electoral Commission-IEBC as well as saving the legislature from state capture are the priorities for lawmakers in the Azimio fold.


    1. My mum is 82 yrs she has been a very good business lady since her childhood she always give me her interesting story while in class 2 the father came from Nairobi and gave her 2,shs she had admired money but never find the golden chance had come for her that day she didn’t go school she went bought sugarcane and thus how she became a business woman she educated all her 10 children got for us vibanda kigomba each she bought land build her nyce home to cut story short we removed her Nairobi to stop her business but Iko kwa damu she went to the village started growing vegetables Raring chicken and selling bananas it’s like she started fresh so don’t expect raila to go to Bondo and rest

  1. Majority on paper so you may be given the Majority posr. Your MPs have publicly crossed, after 3 months of your agreement you’ll definitely have less votes in parliament…

  2. Really Martha…honestly one should be free to join whichever chama they want….it’s not by fire by force…u seem to be very bitter…what’s the problem …

  3. Baba congratulations for ur sentiments and will always love you for ur honesty,respect of law ,human rights and democracy. I’m happy that ur back on track no matter what happened to our victory. Will always remain with you in our hearts and minds. We know u will never abandoned ur Azimio supporters and Kenya at large because Kenyans need u most even if ur not apresident but ur agreat leader which Kenyans will come to realise when the time goes by.Baba pliz continue with ur work of making Kenya a free and democratic nations.kemea maouvu ili tupate faida ya millennium kwa vizazi vyetu via vizavyo.

  4. Such words were used by Koome because we have never seen such forged evidence. And you’re continuing with hot air and wild goose chase. Where’s evidence for bribe? Observers declared this most open/transparent election. Ama elections in Kenya are only credible if Rao wins?

  5. All Kenyans need to understand that in Kenya, all job applicants are obliged to produce their original certificates to their would be employers before they can be offered the jobs they applied for.
    Having said that, Kenyans must not overlook the fact that in the last presidential election, IEBC based their job offer on photocopies of the original certificates.
    What Kenyans saw and downloaded from IEBC portal were photocopies of the original certificates full of errors.
    I challenge any of you Kenyans to submit a copy of your original certificate which has even a small typo mistake and see if that employer will give you the job. Instead, the employer will immediately report you to the police.
    It was agreed prior to the last general elections that colour pictures of form 34As would be taken at the polling stations and directly forwarded to IEBC portal without any alterations whatsoever.
    Why did the forms in IEBC portal appear in black and white and not in the original colour form?
    I can take a document right now, put a white out (typex) on a figure, photocopy it and download it into the portal and it will appear there as a genuine copy of the original. Because the documents are in their thousands, it will take days, if not months to pinpoint the 1 out of 46,000 that has been altered.
    It looks like IEBC had more than 1 portal. The first portal is where all the form 34As went. The 2nd portal is where the form 34As reached for public access and viewing after meeting Chebukati’s satisfaction. The forms reached the first portal where Chebukati and the people he had hired altered the forms they wanted to altered, photocopied them and downloaded them to the final portal which now was in public view.
    Look at the so many form 34As that appeared to have been prepared by one person. The handwriting can easily confirm this. The artwork on the forms appear to be from one person. These were the thousands of forms 34As that were pre-manufactured in advance awaiting to replace the genuine ones.
    Take a keen look at the IEBC stamp on the copy of the form 34A the young Azimio lawyer showed to the court and compare the rubber stamp’s position and orientation on the original form produced by the IEBC lawyer and tell me if they are the same.

    Why didn’t the court ask IEBC to produce in court the 2 different kimskits that shared similar serial numbers and were in different locations?
    About the presidential vote totals differing with the rest by thousands, the IEBC lawyer lied that those were stray ballot evenly distributed among the 46000 polling stations at an average of 2 per polling stations.
    I challenge Kenyans to go through the form 34As and they will confirm that the majority of the forms had NO stray ballots. The thousands of RUTO’S extra votes came from just 1 or 2 polling stations that are buried within the 46000 polling stations and could not be easily unearthed due to time factor.
    Kenyans are aware that justice Leonola deliberately refused to order IEBC to open the server when Azimio layers requested. How would he then expect Azimio to produce the evidence pertaining to unauthorized access of the server after him refusing to ask IEBC to give Azimio access to the server?

  6. Mr complainer himself 😂😂😂😂 from attack IEBC to supreme court 😂😂 what a shame,, go home guka and shosho in peace we don’t need you anymore

    1. You are addressing 6.9 million Kenyans according to the results you produced ..si Raila pekee yake ..usikue na kiburi sana

  7. “But What Next for other Kabilas as it appears Permanently and Incurably the Presidency is a Preserve for only “2 Kabilas(Kikuyus/Kalenjins)”???!!! ; Do the others “Secede” or what are the remedies available to them”???!!!.


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