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DAY BREAK | The Power tussle in Jubilee; will Uhuru Kenyatta surrender to Sabina Chege?


DAY BREAK | The Power tussle in Jubilee; will Uhuru Kenyatta surrender to Sabina Chege?


  1. It not about odinga or whoever in this parties but the citizens fearing their parties to be left in the hands of tumbocrats and idiots. It is the citizens who still demands the presence of some leaders

    1. Exactly,, imagine Sabina Chege Kanini and others sitting and planning how to change Jubilee party without members permission. Big disrespect to members

  2. If you are unable to see what the government is trying to do to jubilee, then u are the stranger hear😊😊

  3. When you tell us we are worshiping our leaders, do you want to mean that we are stupid or what. For your information, Kenyans have managed to feed, clothe and educate their families with a very meagre earnings. This shows you that we are not foolish

  4. Uhuru this,Uhuru that,Raila that n this. Punda imechoka. Seriously Ruto Gachagua and The Government is put there by the people to work not grudge with Uhuru buying a few greedy ones. They work or step down. UDA says Jubilee is a shell why fight for a shell,Sabina Chege in Isiolo said kikuyus are mayatimas,, begging Ruto to help. This Sabina and group are shameless the money they were given wakule Pole pole. Kikuyus have many capable wise people and second i think this disrespectful rebellions from Jubilee used by Ruto should know their time in Politics is done,,, they take Jubilee members for fools, NDC delegates will never ever recognize Sabina Chege Kanini and group as leaders..using foul language full of bitterness like kimani Ichungwa is a NO. Uhuru to be respected. Period! People should watch out Ruto will finish all partys. He tried with ODM through kina Jalango but Luos cant be used easily and still Lootall planning. Dangerous President Kenya has

  5. For heavens sake Uhuru had gone down but UDA kept provoking him,, Ruto Gachagua Company should work for the party not misuse of Taxpayers money to fight partys. If they don’t work resign, The news should be Shakahola killings who were involved from Government, school fees, sugar, Job creation, CS resigning

    1. You seem to ignore the input of Ruto/Gachagua and their Allies in Jubilee’s success. Ruto’s URP merged with Uhuru’s TNA to make Jubilee. What did Uhuru and allies do to Ruto and allies?! Now the shoe is on the other foot ndugu, it’s payback season.

  6. Why so! Because of political corruption! But also because of parties formed on strong and firm ideology and by people who are fully committed to the welfare of the people! And not on self gains!

  7. Uhuru said he still believes in BBI who knows he is still fighting for it to see whether BBI will come back, passed nd he become prime minister.

  8. Uhuru is there for Jublee and the whole country the way things are we are heading to dictatorship ,putting all eggs in one basket lol!😮 After parties they will go for silencing individuals.

  9. How can Sabina Chege be in two coalition at the same time yesterday she was in Kk parliamentarian group yet she wants minority whip at the same time kenya ina maajabu kwely

  10. The main point is.
    Political parties are funded from the public xchequer..
    Some parties have turned to be CULTS..
    In the name of party leaders.


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