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Daybreak | Control of Parliament


Opiyo Wandayi – MP, Ugunja
Sylvanus Osoro – MP, South Mugirango
Naomi Waqo – Woman Rep, Marsabit
Robert Mbui – MP, Kathiani


  1. Wandayi and mbui are on citizen TV campaigning and trying to convince themselves that they are the majority leaders while everyone knows how it’s going to happen ichung’wa and baya will take parliamentary leadership and azimidiots will call a press conference to complain about being rigged out.

  2. Sam Gituku relax and allow, you are asking questions because you need answers. Tulia Osoro akujibu but if you know the answers stop asking questions

  3. I like Azimio politicians the way they explained in a civilized manner. Osoro is the type of politician who is in politics for his stomach and not for the people. He is not principled, a liar and cannot be trusted. Another name is a political prostitute.

  4. It amazes me how these azimio people still have something to say , enyewe wonders will never end . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Yani you have been defeated in all angles and you still have something to say . 🙌🙌🙌

  5. Assmio party has no single Mp in both parliament houses, then how can it be a majority party in parliament? You guys are just daydreaming!!

  6. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra), Petroleum should be separated and regulated alone!!! KWh come from the Dam and not Fuelled Generators. if Fuel goes up so does Water in Masinga Dam!!! Please regulate Petroluem Alone!!!


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