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DP Ruto arrives at Gusii Stadium for Mashujaa Day celebrations


KTN News Kenya


  1. Surely Kenyans how can a retiring president and a retired prime minister change the Constitution of Kenya in the name of BBI bad luck Uhurao

  2. The guy knows well how to perform stunts like kim jong un.. Mtachoka tu vile mmechoka na Uhuru😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Can somebody let rail to watch this 👍👍 our dp and the 5th president of kenya.president people hakuwaki na security???am just asking. swali tu?

    1. A religious hypocrite with 100 bodyguards you call him a hasola? Mjinga ni wewe na Matako ya Mama Abby.

  4. dont forget the burning of women and children in kiambaa AG church in eldoret; helpless and defenceless women and children when they tried to escape were shot with arrows and tossed back into the fiery inferno becoz they belonged to the wrong tribes

    1. Try to heal . Vengence belongs to God. I am a kenyan. My father from Nyeri and my mother from Baringo yet i chose to be a kenyan.my language is kenyan. Politicians have messed with us. We cnt blame Dp. We blame everyone in this country of ours 🙂

    2. The wounds are still fresh in our minds , murders ,our properties destroyed our women were raped while your fifth president was comfortably watching

  5. Beautiful Recheal our sister continue pray for the peace of this nation it’s of paramount importance,,,Mengine Mungu anashughulika….only at the appointed time…God always at work He perfectly know who is best for this nation we are in God’s hands..He will perfect each of our concerns

  6. Now that is how an incoming president looks. Pure charisma. I really admire this man and his whole amazing story.

    1. What amazing story is that exactly? People just say things for the sake of it. This is one of the most deceitful politicians in Kenya. The way he uses God and the Church, and the #HustlerNation tag to create a persona of a good man, and yet Scandals left, right and centre – dont people Listen to the news – Weston, Kimwarer dam, Maize scandal, etc is this about what people want to see or Reality? What this man is, is exactly what a sober mind would never wish for in leadership. These goodies he is giving out – wheelbarrows, etc – people forget how Sonko won people’s hearts in 2016.. he used this same tactic of giving goodies to people. It worked! We voted for Sonko driven by his generosity and he became Governor. Its only now that we know that he didn’t care at all. Look at Nairobi today?

      Ruto is exactly the same, the only difference is that he will be President of Kenya! It will be A Kenya-wide disaster.

    1. Kumbuka Naivasha pia.Watu walikatwa shingo na vichwa kuwekwa fence😭😭.Let us not take Kenya back there.

  7. ruto can be good president but Rachel don’t let hustler down greetings even your people just wave like mama magreat differenciate this two pictures arriving in gusi stadium


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