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EACC arrest three senior county officials


Three senior county officials from Tana River County have been charged in a malindi court with abuse of office and wilful failure to comply with laws relating to public procurement. The three, the county chief, Mohamed Muhammad Guracho, Salim Juma Makorani, the technical manager, and Gwiyo Makugo, Madubi, director for the Tana Water and Sanitation Company, were accused of the irregular procurement in the awarding of a 3.6 million shillings borehole drilling tender. The borehole had been earmarked to be drilled at Mororo, Madogo town within Tana River County.


  1. Thanks EACC, we support your work. People are crazy, this corrupted officials are inhuman. People needs water to survive and they steal the money?

  2. We wait and see if 51million by Mungatano and crew never paid Kilifi County and funds never found! Now 3.6m is pocket change! Watch this space🙄


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