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Interior CS Kithure Kindiki visits border patrol unit college in Kitui County


Securing Kenya’s Borders



  2. Why is the cabinet for interior security wearing fatigues? Why this need to cosplay? There is a reason why the cabinet secretary is a civilian and not a member of the disciplined forces, this is to reinforce the message that the instruments of coercion are under civilian control. These kind of erosion of norms are how previously democratic states turn to be police states.

    1. @Niya Khalid While it isn’t expressly illegal for the president to wear fatigues it is generally frowned upon in democratic societies. There needs to be a degree of separation between the army and civil service. The president being a civilian is the CIC of the military is symbolic of the military being under civilian rule. Kibaki never wore it because he understood it’s symbolism compared to despots like uhuru, moi and Kenyatta

  3. Why does Kithure Kindiki seem trying to use the state machinary in to tribal gains. What kind of border is there in Kitui unless county boundaries turned in to borders!

    Smelling terrible rat here

    1. Don’t act like you are new in Kenya. Don’t you know the Kanyonyoo Border Patrol Unit, which has existed for years now? He was not at the Kitui border, but he visited the BPU

  4. Society will address you the way u dress .. kindly mr cs stop wearing this funny jungle attires our forces & service are both examplary & austounding.

  5. Yes Sir CS Kindiki, but “most” of Kenyans would be more pleased if you sound more like a public servant (CS) than a politician. Please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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