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Johnson Sakaja,” Uhuru Kenyatta betrayed me”


His election as the fourth governor of Nairobi county was preceded by great controversy as he battled allegations of questionable education credentials. It was a court battle that saw him clash with education oversight bodies and law enforcers alike. He would later capture the seat on a UDA ticket on august 9th becoming the fourth governor of Nairobi city. Tonight Governor Sakaja Johnson reflects on his 2022 journey on Citizen TV and the political ally he feels turned against him in the 11th hour.


  1. Don’t worry Sakaja.He also betrayed those who supported him four times for one who has never supported him.Very painful

  2. sakaja wee chapa kazi achana na izi ngombe zinakutishia life juu hawawezi kukutoa apo ni sisi tulikuweka na sisi ndiyo tuko na uwezo wa kukutoa otherwise chapa wera

  3. 3 months down the line and this guy bado ako na hii upuzi??..doesnt he realize that the ‘uhuru betrayed me’ story kuongea saa hii ni upuzi mtupu..wakaazi wa nairobi wanataka kusikia maji itawafikia lini cz water is a very big issue in nairobi county at the moment not uhuru kenyatta

    1. @Eric Nzaro ana state fact pple cant keep saying uhuru this uhuru that, that is gone fanya kazi yenye pple voted for you to do. Kibaki hakushinda moi this moi that. as stated blame games are upuzi now we move on aaaiii

    2. @Eric Nzaro I’m not surprised at all by ur comment…one would expect such nonsense from a kid like yoy whose mummy or daddy still buys them their undergarments…

    3. @Eric Nzaro hivo ndio babako hukuambia before u go to bed??it’s best you heed his word usitoe matress njee asubuhi umuaibishe kijiji mzima

  4. Was he elected by the people or Rigathi Gachagua made him the governor? Which is which now? Because Riggy G thinks he owns Sakaja.

    1. ..Riggy G ako mabangi zake…..he is obsessed with uprooting the Kenyatta name from central kingpinship and becoming their de facto leader so he is throwing stones….upuzi

    2. Riggy G is looking for a kingpin status in Mt Kenya regions and that’s why he is politicizing everything. He wants to be seen as if he is fighting for the interests of his kinsmen. Sadly for him, back up from the right quarters is not forthcoming.

    1. Good point… Nairobi is pathetic and and a pathogenic problem for Kenyans and foreigners, unfortunately not many of us have the Eyes to see!!

  5. Just my opinions and questions. 1. Sakaja’s university degree has never been conclusively proven to be legitimate and rightful achieved. In this short clip he doesn’t address it. 2, how did uhuru betray him? We would like to know. He doesn’t address that either. 3, every issue he has raised about Nairobi city service delivery ,has always been raised by every mayor and governor that has ever been elected. From the 80tys to now ,they have all said the same thing ,word for word! I mean like the same words he used ,have been used by the previous office holders. Should we expect different?

  6. Just work for kenyans we’re done with politics, soon it shall pass. Kedero, and Sonko are already forgotten. Kenyans forget very fast, therefore, do the best you can.

    1. I just don’t know what you are basing your argument on but truth be said Sakaja made Uhuru president. He was the main strategist behind the curtains for almost 10 years. Do you know he was the brain behind TNA? Do you also know that he was one of the PNU’s strategists? The problem with many people is that they don’t know what makes a successful politician. Strategy is everything in politics.

  7. This is the most luckiest driver in the banana republic of Kenya. he will leave office with billions since he being backed by the greatest thieves the banana republic has ever had in its fifty something years of existence. it is a shame that we are being led by untrustworthy bunch. remember being a leader who cheated his way to the top of the banana republic is a shame. it is a sad day for the voters whose vote do not count. they are being told na mutado nini? good luck.

  8. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, โ€œBlessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.โ€ย 


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