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Kalonzo Musyoka criticizes President Ruto on GMO policies


The Azimio-One Kenya Alliance is opposed to the government’s lifting of the ban againts GMOs. Azimio-one kenya alliance leader Kalonzo Musyoka says the decision to lift the ban did not benefit from public participation. Kalonzo accuses the government of basing its decision on research allegedly funded by big corporates with a desired end in mind


  1. Kalonzo anajua nini kwa uchumi wa nchi hii sweary? Mtu miaka yote amezoea kupewa pocket money na waliokuwa
    mamlakani sasa anatwambia nini? Aende na ile alivuna kiroho safi hakuna ingine ya bure.

  2. Ruto is the President …I was taught you might not like someone but honour their results.The GMO policy will be discussed in Parliament lets give our expertise.The Researchers I have encountered in Kenyan Universities on GMO are Kenyans.

  3. Use normal seed for food. Gmo does Not produce seed for Farmers. You have to keep buying seed season after season.


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