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Kalonzo Musyoka withdraws from Senate speaker race


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    1. @Odoyo Odo mimi kama mkenya niko tu i won’t participate in anything tena voting NO reason am not happy at all

    2. ​@Candy Wendy who cares whether u vote or not ?? voting and winning is all about numbers kama hamuna u waited miracles to happen raila to win 🤣🤣

    3. That’s my opinion nd decision ooh i don’t see why it concern you to reply …learn to think b4 you reply 😂

    4. @Candy Wendy usiwahi chaguana Candy non of our business there ..ata usipo chaguana wale wengine watachaguana si laxima Raila Baba yenu as you call akuwe president

    1. Waliongezea nominated. But wamekata nominated kuvote kwa hivyo wako 23kenya Kwanza. Weta alijiuzulu walikuwa 24. Azimio wako 23. Kwa hivyo wanatosha.

  1. cleaver guy why lie to him while it’s obvious he can’t win?? show him the numbers and gaurantee him win ..

  2. This man Kalonzo is not Akamba. He played a very big role in the collapse of NASA. He tire Raila alot during the preliminary formation of Azimio. He only joined later. He does not want to fight. He dictates to be given.

  3. odm goons are very stupid why lie to kalonzo while they don’t have the numbers?? kalonzo have realized he is going to lose which is obvious he can’t win but livestock’s 🐄 🐄 from nyanza are still pressing him to be there

  4. You cant welcome msoto in the name of party politics. Kenya ni Kuji align! Kalonzo is a wise goat!

    They short-changed him for Karua

  5. Congratulations 👏👏👏🎈 kalonzo for staying away from that event of senators keep on doing your work you will not have any stress

  6. Choices have consequences deal with them,I think he knew he would loose terribly the same humiliation was very heavy to bear round hii nikunoma hakuna kupita kati kati


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