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KEMSA: Owner of company named Kilig subjected to Parliament Investment Committee’s hot seat


On April 6, 2020, Margaret Muchemi walked into the Kemsa offices in Embakasi at exactly 9.42am with a letter of intent to supply personal protective equipment (PPE).
By evening, she walked out with a tender to supply Sh4 billion worth of PPE awarded to Kilig Limited, a company she worked for and whose ownership changed hands four times in four months.
The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) did not do any due diligence on Kilig, including finding out its financial capability to supply the goods, asking for copies of CR12 (form showing shareholding ) or any other documents required for pre-qualification.


  1. JUBILEE is a scam that should NEVER have been allowed to lead KENYA. The JUBILEE GOVERNMENT has overseen corruption which makes the KANU GOVERNMENT of the ’80s look like amateurs !! UHURU will be remembered by future generations as the PRESIDENT who led the most oppressive and corrupt STATE in INDEPENDENT KENYA !!!

    1. @peter kuria After the handshake, the Ruling party Jubileerians became weak, not longer together they split some married with ODM and Raila took over the country, if you do not know who is running the country, then go figure that one out.

    2. @George Odhiambo You can keep on yipyapping all day but the same people that used to be loud all day long about the corruption in this country and acting like they’re fighting for the Kenyan democracy are the one who are deep in the corruption saga as we speak! time will tell, it’s all about chasing the power, nothing else! we don’t expect any of these thirsty hungry politicians whether ODM or Jubilee to take Kenyan where Mzee Kibaki left it…all these hulabaloos are thirsty for power and gluttony!

    3. @BlackMagic001 I have no time for generalizations. Generalizations jell well with the mentally deficient. Just to help you to stay grounded and focussed on the subject, I responded to your comment that implied that Raila had denied that there was corruption in the KEMSA Covid 19 scam. And I pointed out to you that you were lying because that’s not what he said. Raila said that a forensic audit was required to fully unearth the scam. In addition to being mentally thick, you are completely incapable of staying focussed on a discussion. Just meandering aimlessly from one topic to another with the mind of an imbecile. Digressions will not help you. Learn to stay focussed on a subject.

    4. @George Odhiambo you say you’ve no time for this or that but you’ll always look out for my comment to disagree with it, so far i know you’ve been trolling my comment, Raila is small god for you so he’s untouchable so you’ve to come in his defense, what a mediocre fool or 21st century, am from Central and ain’t going to be online always defending Uhuru or any other politicians, your dirty is thirsy for power, he has been chasing all along when he married Moi Kasarani(2002) then when Kibaki became a president in 2nd term in 2007, Raila went into protest and cried to share the power and in 2008, he was part of the power, now he has reached out and pleaded for the handshake with Uhuru which he got it…this drama queen!!!

    5. @BlackMagic001 I don’t troll you. I just correct you and put you where you belong when you try to mislead the public. Your comments are more often than not, clouded in feigned ignorance or, in reality, wrong on facts. I never let such comments fly by. You are at liberty to infer as you may wish and I might even overlook erroneous inferences but I will never let you get away with your lies presented as facts. For to do that would be to allow you to infect other mentally healthy citizens with your cheek of feigned ignorance and real stupidity. How can I let you get away with a lie like “Raila denied the existence of any corruption in the recent KEMSA scam??!” He never said that. That’s a lie. And if it isn’t a lie, attach the link to the clip you are referring to. You are either feigning ignorance or else, you are just downright stupid! I will never let you get away with such lies. What I have no time for are generalizations. That’s what I stated au hiyo pia ilikupita? Pathetic!!

  2. Kenya scandal and nys scandal are similar in plan and execution this guy’s questioning them are benchmarking


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