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Kenya Kwanza, Azimio contest for majority status in Parliament


Kenya Kwanza picks Kimani Ichung’wa as majority leader
Azimio picks Opiyo Wandanyi as majority leader


  1. Can you imagine the embarrassment that you claim to be ‘legally’ a majority yet when a vote is put forward in the house you are a minorityπŸ˜‚

    1. @Dev Space but they do 215 votes for wetangula over 130 votes for marende that is a clear majority. Of course on paper azimio is a majority but after 6 months even legally kenya Kwanza have a majority

    1. Shame on yourself as well. Ni wewe utakatwakatwa.. back to the sender .. Kenyans wako macho wewe be fooled to yourself..

  2. Ruto has applied the 15th law of power faithfully and diligently πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES TOTALLY! Heko Bwana Rais

  3. Kalonzo,kalonzo, how many times will I call you? U haven’t come terms that the guy wsr is a smart politician ahead of all azimio combined -Senate gone, n.a gone,c o g gone, just wait.. time will tell even the cherera 4 will go.welcome opposition.

  4. Bado hatujakuwa na opposition since 1997
    Karibuni but mambo ya majority achia ruto. London- USA back kutangazwa mawaziri kazi inanze fresh


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