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Korogocho MCA Absalom Odhiambo rearrested, Raila claims



  1. Big eyes,mouth and head.talking with alot of voice . talking about condoms that is what is his head.very soon you will quit stupidity of luo’s

  2. is it good for anyone to be a insulted? we should respect everyone, tribalism is something is thing this MCA have, nepotism,he must apologies the kalenjis community.

    1. @MAURICE WANJALA the law allowed you to say what you want in campaign trial,but when its ended, it’s an offence, this but shit and his carnabis thinking,a big body but empty head,we are not campaigning,anataka kujiso eye ni mnoma,,he is just like wind,utilize boli.

  3. Your multiplication of those terminologies …wont count so much at out weighing hizo matunzi alinena already …Mbado tuna machungu 😬😬Grrrrrr


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