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LIVE: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Address on the Covid-19 Pandemic


NTV Kenya


  1. He is fidgety..can’t stay still with whatever’s Infront of him…give us back jobs and schools next year

  2. They are going up because of these politicians going around with these BBI campaigns, ban political rallies

    1. He should have banned political rallies instead of cutting an extra hour of business..its crazy. Where do we go from here.

  3. What does he mean, “where did we go wrong..”??! We’re in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC in it’s SECOND WAVE Mr. President!.. Have YOU and YOUR GOVERNMENT done enough Mheshimiwa? Are you doing everything in your power to map the BEST POSSIBLE ROUTE out of this conundrum? What is your government doing to alleviate and mitigate the various heavy burdens that have befallen your citizens (economically, socially, physically and mentally) during this crazy year. Can we get our heads together and come up with solutions instead of blaming and punishing your already struggling citizens?

  4. Am not surprised whether is true corona or not but politians have contributed significantly… meeting/rallies everywhere….it could be better if this statement you gave first to contributors then public later.

  5. I was in Vihiga, Kakamega, and Nandi, and what i saw in Matatus ! Pathetic! Wanabeba abiria 20 badala ya 11.Tafadhali fanya jambo Rais.!

    1. Kwanza route ya Eldoret-malaba excess passengers and no masks.Its a joke na polisi wanawachilia hao makanga wafanye hivyo

    2. Kwendeni huko nyinyi pia mmefungua macho mkadhania Corona is so real pelekeni ujinga mbali watu watafute chakula

    3. @Vanny bwoy so watu wanakufa na homa ama?Naomba ikushike kidogo kiburi yako iishe alafu upone ujue kuongea

    4. @Lucy Waitaga unajiona mhumble kama unawaamini namna hiyo si waambie wakuonyeshe penye watu wanapimwa na hao wagonjwa wako wapi? Na hao wamefariki wamezikwa wapi? Then urudi in this comment uone nani mshenzi,

  6. We hav leaders who r leading is with covid.what do i mean by this? Look at the rallies our leaders r holding..the pipo who go to attend these rallies do not wear masks nor social distancing.,so who is to blame here? Man for himself bt God for us all.

  7. Halafu ujue Mzee kinacho hangaisha wakenya saa hii sikorona bali maafisa wa seerikali wanaotumia jina la korona kuhangaisha wakenya wenye ni buheri wa afya

  8. Very good directives but alas! Who cares in Kenya? Nobody!!! While the law enforcers are in deep sleep, the politicians are busy spreading the disease, the public who never listen to advice are busy infecting each other, Covid-19 millionaires are getting richer and the innocent health workers are shouldering the huge burden of the ever increasing positive cases. The health workers are increasingly getting infected and dying in an ever increasing number. Its a sad affair!

  9. Mr President stop stressing people you already opened now flights for china India are coming everytime those countries covid is too high you’re soo corrupt person

  10. Respect love. Cum. Miss. My super beautiful. Lovely. Kenya president. ( SALAAM) I. Match. My two hands & Begged. Honble. President. You have a knowledge. Of. Yours. Ours. How much. Our. Poor’s. Kenyan. People as. Our. Family. Members are. Faces. Every types of problems & we IGNORE When. We ignored please have a deeply Shooting. Pain of humanity. Please. I Appeal cum. Request Your. Honors. Good self. For. Development. Of these. Ours. Families. Special. Package will be. Arranged. Every. Year. Every.month. Every. Week. & Invested. Under. Honest. Officers. Look. After as I informed. May be any. Reason. My. Request of. RooH pain of. Humanity will not be. Consider. Ist it is Big cin. When a Responsible. Higher Authority. Avoid. 2nd After last we have to die. & We will be. Gillity. Cum. Published. 3nd I. Have a plan if any country. Authority can not willing to do job ist to Solve problem of my. Family members those Authority those Authority will be. Out from. Service newly will be. Arranged

  11. Sir listen with or without corona all will die jipe shughuli kaka what a kifaraga of computer
    if you delivered what you promised a laptop per kid things could have sound better
    Round ya mwisho tafadhali

  12. And last but not least wacha hizo pesa za corona zikunoneshe the fund never trikled down what are you talking about

  13. I know my people well this sound like a war they will be comfronted we leave in a free country whoever fought for the freedom who cares mtajua hamjui hii maneno ya kukosea watu adabu without thinking big no waiting

  14. Mr.president wacha kutubabaisha bwana kue na korona kusiwe aituhusu we have heard enough of u mr.natumeanza kukunywa pombe akuna venye tunaeza enda om saa tatu upo, measures jiekee mwenyewe😜


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