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Millie Odiambo leads chants against DP Ruto


KTN News Kenya


    1. @jihan992000 We are all created in his own image, can’t kenjeli mtu kwa shida anayoipitia as in barrenness is nothing to celebrate.pliiz

    2. @Kiptoo Andy me and you who anaka kama hana akili……when your mentioning those words where you in your senses….? You should always weigh your words

    3. @jihan992000 Ku weigh ni wewe my friend,,respect is a two way traffic,, if you cross on to my lane what do you expect if not a crash in this matter a clash

  1. Sio makosa yake, yeye ako na stress ya kuwa TASA 😆😆😆🤔🤔Hasai 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    1. @geoffrey tirop i don’t want to disgrade myself arguing with a fool. You are not even my type. My grade 1 child is brighter upstairs than you zombie

    2. @Oo O wewe na mamako malaya ya kulamba matako ya watu ndio Zombies number one 🤔🤔🤔kwenda uko ukasaidie mamako kupiga bei ya kuuza matako 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    3. @Oo O wakati nimetaja kuhusu mamako kuuza kuma, 🤔🤔🤔🤔ndio unasema wewe sio type yako, Ukweli inauma sana 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆👍

  2. What is undeniable though is that the DP is a brave man and very smart at the same time. His message reached home and makes sense.

  3. That woman is just a crazy witch…who cares what she says? Isn’t she the same fellow who insulted this Ouru only the other day?..she is too confused to be taken seriously.

    1. @Alice osita nyinyi ndio punda wengine, still believe in superstition and primitive beliefs ati chunga nini?mamako 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. millie odiambo ako na ujinga mingi sana, being fool, without respect is shows how you think, forgive her maybe she tough our humble DP is murkomen ama kuria, she should change

  5. Millie Odhiambo sometimes keep quiet and listen.You don’t have to shout always to be noticed.Must you behave like that.You abused Uhuru in 2017 and that didn’t stop him from being a president.This Ruto you are throwing words at will be the president 2022.Believe it or not .Uta do???

  6. Why are our leaders doing this to our country why should you divide Kenya like this seriously????

    1. Nothing you can get from a barren woman whose breasts have never tasted tha happiness of producing milk she thinks she has won na bado

    1. I wonder even the media has become bias to some indidual and community is not good even the first woman appearing on the screen is not even Milly

  7. Have been saying many times ….most jaluo don’t have wisdom they only have knowledge. That’s why if you visit there own place in kisumu you will not believe the poverty there.

  8. Please our leaders the picture you portrayed when the DP was addressing the Nation was uncalled for. Respect the DP jameni! To many hustlers are watching and will walk with him

  9. So this woman wouldn’t like the wheelbarrow pushers to be discussed…. it’s clear that she is too rich to discuss a wheelbarrow pusher.

    1. Why?for me Ruto raised an important issue today “why is it being 21st century millions of Kenyans ,me included we still need that wheelbarrows “AND THOSE 1ST COUNTRY WE SEE THEY STARTED SOMEWHERE TO REACH WHERE THEY ARE

    2. @Catherine Wanjiku, 1st cathe if you needed a wheelbarrow to be self employed u could not have gone to school to waste so much money and time when your father can buy u a wheelbarrow and start kuuza mboga na matunda at early age,and how could jubilee manifesto promise laptops but after school DP give WHEELBARROWS?

    3. @Ronald Rayori the laptops were lies and we all knew
      But just because you do one thing wrong doesn’t mean the whole argument is wrong.The BBI is focusing on the wrong thing.A majority of Kenyans work as cheap labour and thus in a sense use “wheelbarrows” or any other old tech to make money but politicians want us to add more seats for them,reduce powers of judiciary and senate. Etc…who does that help?

  10. Please nawaomba muache matusi sababu ya Hawa politicians. Remember the year 2013 vile Uhuru alinyenyekea akituomba tumuondolee hiki Kimutu,,na Sasa Nani hua ameweka kwenye kiti ya mbele????? Ndikaruma mûteti nîûndû worîa ûngî

  11. An empty tin instead listening busy cheering up the crowd with no solution to the youth but just madnesses

  12. Some ladies they just shout that’s why they can not be able to get even children, the Dp president was just talking from his bottom of heart but shouting as if you are insane is nonsense

  13. Very useless woman hawana adhabu little did she new she was raising the Dp higher than anybody else including baba

  14. Thank you tell them as they sit there comfortably depending on allowances and per diem we are hustling out here in the rain. Kudos Dr WSR we will not be ignored.

    1. No one thinks like that…our problem is classism…poor mwananchi used by rich politician to make sure we don’t unite.
      Don’t be part of the problem

  15. The two women were watching her eith terrible eyes. 🙄. They could not understand this misbehaving. Tabia mbaya sana.

  16. Millie wewe kwanza uko sura mbaya sana wacha kukua hivi,Wengine kama waruguru ata kama ni watermelon ana sura ya kuvutia watu Coz ni mrembo ata kama haisemi maneno iko na ladha.wewe sura enyewe inakaa kama nyani mzee ungejificha chini ya viongozi wengine.

  17. These must be leaders from one area or leaders supporting the proponents of BBI. That is why they can not appreciate any other persons point of view however delicious it may be. Shame on them

  18. Shame. VP gained more sympathy from ordinary Kenyans because of your shameful behaviour. Despicable to say the least. Ruto deserves respect whether you like him or not.He talked alot of sense in opposition to the BBI report. The questions Hon. Ruto raised are genuine and need addressing. Am not a Ruto supporter atleast for now but I listened to him.


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