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  4. “Msituambie venye mtafanya 2022, sasa hivi malizeni kazi kwanza!” – Raila Odinga

“Msituambie venye mtafanya 2022, sasa hivi malizeni kazi kwanza!” – Raila Odinga


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  1. What a great speech. I have never laughed enough. We want a country where, Uhuru, Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi, Joho, Kalonzo, Wetangula, wewe na mimi can be president and never asked “wewe ni kabila gani,” but asked ” why do you think you are qualified to be president or what is your plan if we elect you.” We want one kenya. # MyTribeIsKenya

    1. @Yunes Ken please isfike kutukana l reapt my house was burnt in mushomoroni and l reapt mimi sio ngombe kama jaluo when ruto was on your master side he was a prince of peace now he is not, he is a devil nyinyi hamna shame just resently you used to abouse uhuru like a small boy what has changed nothing why dont you abuse these day becouse he side with your master the same dirt language was used by your foolish goons chantong no rsila no peace they throw us out from our houses and burnt them by God Grace we rebuilt and l stay in better house than the one they burnt so give me space and they is no where near me and l love ruto am not a cow l never make astupid follower of that old thing do what you want l dont care even by asword l cannot pretend to follow that old dead bones

    2. @Yunes Ken the stupid jaluo boys were chanting no raila no peace power we were forced to chant the stupid name and when we refused our houses were burnt but Glory to Almighty Allah we are a blessed tribe iquit bank loaned us money to build new home the same time your stupid jluos burnt equit bank kisumu who was the looser them now the old iidot wants us kwanii tumebadirika snd l say l cant lent my house to that tribe wana wivu kama nini my housees l can lent to all the 45 ttibe of kenya but not that kwa tarifa yako

    3. @Virginia Abdalla None a mong of this billionaire is good my friend, better tell me new person than them, me alone maindi zangu na ngombe zilikatwa Nakuru Rongai,my dad mshare miguuni because of Ruto he was there a week earlier, then after that situation changed, so what I mean hakuna aliye mzuri kati hawa wote, they are after revenge but not governance for your coming generation. And also just wanted to inform you don’t wish dead to someone whom you really not sure with evidence that he the one. You might die before him. And you should know someone else might have planned all that without even his presence.

    4. Kulu nafsi dhalka mauti… Waeza tangulia wewe mana kila mtu mola kampa siku zake siajabu ka hii comment ndo ikawa ya mwisho

    5. @Sande Mabra you are not God and you are not even an inch near Almighty so you have t liberty to say whichever nonsene you fill like my house was burnt by goons chanting no rsila no peace that means my house is not important but that old bosnoon is important okay keny vwill never know peace as long as he is alive even 2022 akiwa defeated he will bring kenya to astand dtill by his nonsense anyway you can go to hell and preach to your ffellorr goons lhave no time for smsll mind

  2. Kenya will be united on bases of truth and openness…no way you will unite two unreconcilable parties…the BBI has not treated nor suggested possible ways to treat political wars but seats…once you take away your seats call us on board and talk…tumechezeana miaka mingi

  3. i’m always proud of Baba’s speeches……..history,methali,kitendawili lazima irushwe ndani….majibu utajipea mwenyewe kwako

  4. Uhuru is either sick or just a kichaa himself. Raila is saying his government has given us kichaa child and he is hysterically happy about it!

  5. Mzee mjinga, u want Ruto to work how n u pushed him out of goverment with ur cunningness so fanya yenye Ruto agefanya

  6. People Bewitched by Rutos charm could not get the wise words of of Raila, to them the hypocrisy and deceitful words of Ruto is wisdom…Ruto refused to give his views then only appeared to lament


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