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President Ruto defends the proposal to deduct 3% house levy from employees and employers


President William Ruto used the 60th madaraka day celebrations to once again make a case for his affordable housing initiative plan imploring Kenyans to look on the bright side of things. The president defended the proposal to deduct 3 percent from payslips of salaried Kenyanss saying the money would be channeled towards the housing fund to contribute towards the construction of affordable housing units, an initiative that would lead to the employment of more than a million of the over 5 million unemployed Kenyans and help upgrade the 7 million otherKenyanss living in informal settlements to decent homes.


  1. How can one person be smarter than 55M Kenyans? It is only insane who can support the 🏠 policy.

  2. Oh sorry non idiots, if petrol is expensive to you, don’t worry just get yourself a TESLA. This guy insults all Kenyans everyday indirectly but they burn in the sun to cheer him.

  3. Where will the youth go after the houses are completed? Will the construction of these houses solve unemployment in Kenya really? Just say the money is wanted for other purposes. After all, nobody in his or her mind can trust what this guy says. He has soiled his reputation and will go down as the untrustworthy president to have ruled Kenya to date.

    1. What do you mean completed? It will be an ongoing project. Do you envisage a situation where housing projects ever come to a halt? Ama Wakenya wataacha kuzaa?

  4. WaLuhya tunaomba mtukopeshe Weta na Mudavadi tupigie Gachagua kura 2032. Tutalipa deni yote 2042.


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