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President Ruto flags off relief to drought stricken counties


President William Ruto has this afternoon flagged off relief food to drought stricken counties as the governmetn battles to tame effects of the drought ravaging 23 counties.


  1. Wow from now on we Africa can vote for young people not old people who is just want to be president for show not for people.

    1. @Hazel Jelimo you are does old corrupt and thieves who make Africa poor by buying vote 🗳 🙄 😒 😢 😑 😉

    2. @Hazel Jelimo our old people they should leave political because they brain no longer is function they see fighting and buy vote and they are not for citizens they are for their stomach only.

  2. What God chooses people can not deny even if you give money to people to vote for you it will not happen just go home and rest and injoying you remain time with you family.

  3. I m not Kenya but congratulations to Kenya to vote for young president who is brain is function very well we are tried with old people trouble make who miss up Africa.


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