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President Ruto holds a consultative meeting with MPs from Nyanza at State House, Nairobi


President William Ruto holds a consultative meeting with MPs from Nyanza at State House, Nairobi, weeks after visiting the region.


    1. @Collins mwaisunga ls not DP Jesus, He is The President Jesus.Collins, You are Useless RAT-PIG, and Common Sense is not Common Wajinga ni Wengi Kenya na Wewe ni Mmoja wao tena na Capital letters’FOOL WA-FULA

  1. We are one people. Let no one lose their lives through unbridled ambitions of one man who will sacrifice the country and youths to get into power. Very unfortunate. We need peace to move on with our lives. Elections are not people’s concerns now. It is food, security ,education and economic challenges. Baba, give us a break, please.

    1. @Hazel Jelimo Wewe ndebe Kifo jelimo more-Mavi,how dare You, THE QUEEN,ruto is not of the devil, he is The devil himself, President wa Venezuelas and Jose Carmago museveni ug army and Mavi Ya Kuku

    2. @John Omondi  you are a child of the devil, but our President is a Child of God and annointed to be President for 2 terms. You are on the loosing side, the devil being your God. You can not fight Jesus and succeed

  2. Raia mnatumiwa vibaya mpaka mnakosa kuenda vibarua kutaftia watoto ati mnaenda maandamano kushout ati Ruto must go? Go where? muliskia wapi?

    1. We potelea mbali..we ka uko saws huwezi jua wengine…wangekua vizuri hawengakanyaga kwa huo mkutano..instead ombeemi ruto afanye kazi wananchi watosheke na sio mdomo mwingi bila vitendo nkt!

    2. When a Lady is Beautiful and she Lack Wisdom is a Private Parts that suffer.little girl, You are Suffering..

  3. Dr.Ruto is the BEST Kenyan President who will make sure that the KENYAN CAKE is SHARED EQUALLY AMONG ALL KENYAN PEOPLE.Tinga can go back to BONDO and make his OWN NOISES ALONE THERE!

  4. Kwani handshake ni nini isn’t it working with opposition, don’t they represent their boss Raila, many are times politicians fools the people. Proxy Handshake.

  5. Where is Honorable Babu Owino… We need NOTHING from son of the devil ruto,All this are non-started Good for Nothing, Who Only Ride on BABA Grace, Useless RATS and PIGS,Who can’t Stand on their own Legs,Bure Kabisa Mavi Ya Kuku

    1. RAO is a stronghold. His roots date from the inception of this Nation. He can’t be wished away by eating ugali in State House.

  6. Rtd Rt Hon Raila, I think it is better for you to agree and move on. From 1963 to date, if your people are NOT in government, you are busy calling them to demonstrations. When will your people do productive farming and business?? Raila is filthy rich, he has NOTHING to loose, while agitating the poor Kenyans…Wanjinga sisi.

  7. It’s not about MPs. We the people, any one of them who is a sell out..must be dealt with. It is the same ruto, who repeatedly say Kenya sio ya watu wachache. Clossed doors is not gonna work.

  8. This is what will take our country to greater heights! This is what all Kenyans of goodwill expect from our statesmen Not maandamano nonsense!

  9. Completely of little political premium. This guys will reap and rock from within as baba and his team rock from outside.


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