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President Ruto warns subsidized fertilizer cartels


President William Ruto has warned fertilizer cartels against trying to take advantage of the fertilizer subsidy programme. Speaking in Nyandarua County, the president directed all security agencies to be on the lookout and arrest any individual found re-packaging the subsidized fertilizer to sell to unsuspecting farmers


  1. Cartels are very strong organization. They have powers to oveturn any government that is against their interest. Transport. Export, import, Markets, Hospitals, police, etc. are just example of bedrest of cartels.

    1. U give free or where was your lord of poverty during handshake he didn’t get it free from that Russia??

  2. While other african leaders like suluhu are on an international stage BRICS networking with each other and discussing how to trade with each other, this clown is still on the tangatanga mission on top of cars micromanaging and doing PS, CS and Governors jobs.


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