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President Ruto: We welcome the call for expansion of the membership of the UNSC




  1. That’s why I voted you Mr president yes you can deliver Kenya from economic crisis my almighty God help you.

  2. 🤣🤣🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪👌👌Kenya represented very well rengitimous 🏃🏃he’s more than Patrick rumumba

  3. We & others of all good intentions fell proud to be represented by the brilliance of our 5th president we seriously fought for in the recently concluded TRASPARENT elections as observed by the international observers in this international meeting.

  4. Congrats my president you never disappoint me that’s why I have tagged my hopes in your leadership plz make our country great am proud of you

    1. I am of the opinion that President William Ruto should scale down travel… give the deputy space as Well. Samia Suruhu did not travel!

  5. ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘 ❤ 😍

  6. RUTO: “Similarly We make our own money ! kenya does not needs UN and IMF help it’s a cumbersome and dichotomous process of reimbursement compensation during this time of farmine bwana asifiwe “🤣

  7. No people he is reading from a teleprompter! Ita mirror like panel that you as a viewer can’t see but there are two pannels right and left where someone is scrolling up the text. But all in all he is really good at it..so fluent and smooth..keep up sir.

  8. He’s a lair and thats what the western world are enjoying. Whoever in African countries which gives them a loophole to dig money out they will clapping and praises because they have what they need

  9. This are The Moments you feel Proudly Kenyan, but Kwa Unga is where we draw the Line 🤣
    Mnipee subscribe pia Mimi

  10. Wewe toa mdomo kubwa chafu huko☹️☹️😔😒😡😡😡do you think Europe is Murang’a,where you promise them an ocean and an international airport and they all believe you,like fools…huko uta chekelewa tu

  11. Kenyan we’re blessed to have you as our president Lord had helped us to send Mzee in Bondoooooooooo coz he can’t give this kind of speech. Thank u Lord for the Gift of our nation


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