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President Uhuru casts his vote


President Uhuru casts his vote


    1. why the insults,it’s truly hilarious how we can get so angry at someone you probably haven’t even met and whose living his best life and at peace.why don’t you live your best life and be at peace.

    2. @Jodie Sheba nashangaa sana mtu anauchungu na uhuru ni kama uhuru a deni lake.uhuru akitoka anaenda kwaoichaweri na uhuru atabaki kuwa.kuwa mwana wa muthamaki.wapende wasipende.

  1. And the day is finally here, may God’s Peace prevail as the voting continues and may He Grant us the president of His Choice in Jesus Almighty Name 🙏🏽

  2. That prof anaishi wapi we had a free and fair election in 2002 and peaceful transition of power. Uhuru conceded defeat immediately .Moi accepted and quietly went home .

  3. Now give us peace of mind mr Uhuru Kenyatta, it’s our right to choose our 5th president not what you are forcing us to. Oooh God protect our votes n bless our beloved country kenya

  4. Stupid journalist not aware if Uhuru is not standing for election. Ask questions based on hearsays. Very unfortunate. Which media station was she from. That is high level on unprofessionalalism


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