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President William Ruto’s inaugural address at the United Nations General Assembly


#77thUNGA #PresidentRuto


  1. Citizen mko sawa?? Airing Mr president for more than 10mins wah,anywho my president is eloquent and confident we chose the best 👌 brilliant

  2. There should be a punitive rule that forces the delegates to sit and listen throughout the session. Brilliant ideas like this should not be given to empty chair.

  3. The guy to watch in Africa . His Exelency Diplomacy skills is on Another leval. Wait and see him pocketing All major world leaders trust and Money In shaa Allah .

  4. Amazing my PRESIDENT You have kept a record what a speech from your Head God bless you we LOVE YOU OUR PRESIDENT YOU ARE TAKEUS VERY FAR THANKS.

  5. Very comprehensive speech. It’s goes deep into various global challenges with great focus on equitable prosperity, aligning it quite well with the Kenya Kwanza Bottom Up philosophy. The speechwriter whoever it is👌🏾

  6. That’s like writing a composition like 10 pages clear no errors perfect English a very good material you score 50/50 l love you Mr President?

  7. This is a very informative speech by His Excellency Dr William Ruto. We believe his concerns for Kenya will be greatly considered.

  8. No need for arguments people must stop being lazy and do research… HES USING A TELEPROMPTER OR AN AUTOCUE DEVICE…. I saw Baba use one sometimes back. Anyway doesn’t matter as long as he believes in what was written by Hussein Mohammed and Ababu Namwamba 😂

  9. The guy is very smart hasomi mahali io maneno yote ingekua wengine wangekua wamebeba karatasi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. i thought Russia and Ukrain conflict did not affect in any way livelihood of Kenyans……… 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

  11. Congratulations Mr President 👏 🙌 your confidence is at another level considering that this is your first UN speech. God bless you and may His wisdom lead you in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏


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