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Raila Odinga: If people reject the BBI report, we will accept their democratic right


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    1. @Micheal Kambo pesa kwa vijana, pesa ya maindi,pesa frm mumias sugar company. paybill teacher’s money after 20 ang’o zikafiozwa, So similary micheal#Raila mwizi kambo.

    2. @Thomas Marende Pesa ya mahindi ilikuliwa na Ruto when he was the Minister for Agriculture. That’s what the audit by Price Water House auditors revealed. And there was no issue of pilferage of pesa ya mumias. It was a case of a buyer/supplier dispute as to whether all goods supplied by mumias had been paid for or not. That’s not pilferage but a normal dispute between trading partners. And there are mechanisms for resolving such disputes. And when such a dispute cannot be resolved between the trading partners, the aggrieved party can always go to court! Endless, senseless ramblings in a YouTube discussion can’t add any value.

    3. @George Odhiambo true that’s why I w’ll never defend wealthier,dynasties when comes the issues of corruptions(kemwerel,Arol,Maize,molases,SGR, covid19billionier atc)So scandle ya maindi ruto alikuwa side ya raila us a minister of Agric wakafioza wote, mumia scandle suppliers was kidero mtu wa raila wakafioza wote, sai junet na wanga watu raila wamefioza pesa ya corona,na maiti. Evry leader act us remote controller in corruption,so dont defend anybody ,I was supporter of baba since 2007 during ldp party but recent he has disapoint us afta handshake,amenyamaza ka maji ya mtungi uhuru akimalza kenya, He chased away weta us minority leader wakaweka orengo,he supported one vote one sh to mt kenya to gain more revenue allocation yet his supporter(coast,wstern,eastern, narok,vihinga,turkana atc) were loosing mpaka murkomen,malala,sakaja,bomet sanator ndio walitutea,we told to remain home ,wearing masks laiter Covid19billionier looters .Raila amenyamaza na hii corona fake,ndio maana hata BBI iwe zuri aje nitapinga.

    1. @George Odhiambo I hear you. And I will try to explain to you, why you and I are on different pedestals as far as this is concerned. Firstly, I read the first draft and it fell below par. Underwhelming despite the expenditure and the fanfare that followed. And my reservation is first and foremost based on that first draft. Secondly, it is immaterial to YOU, not to me as to whose agenda it was. A national discourse must involve enough players; not pavilion meetings of the political elite. So, I am not debating a non-existent document; rather I am opposed to any further debate on a sub-standard document that was withdrawn from the public due to it’s poor understanding of the problems facing Kenya. And importantly, if you are not aware of the first document, I have no business discussing with you, given that your only substance is based on the confidence you have in Raila Odinga, who appointed a team that produced the first daft draft. In this regard, your concerted effort to make it sound like I am misinformed is akin to muzzling me. You are not qualified to lecture me on what opinion I can have or I cannot. You can disagree with it, but I will certainly express it as I have. If you are keen on this thread, I no longer need you to form a “WE”. It is already there. And it is ideological as it is informed. If you have ever heard of the decided vote, mine is such and the intention on such platforms is to sway as much public opinion as we can against this joke these politicians are making out of our country. We do not need to fix people. We need to fix the system, the country.

    2. @magdalene buchianga It must be a strange place that this gentleman comes from. Geckos have the ability to speak

    3. @Luiz Sakwa Just cut out the crap. We are not discussing the merits and demerits of the yet to be unveiled BBI report. The time for that is yet to come. What exactly do you want to engage others in discussing?? How do you engage others in discussing a document that is yet to be unveiled?? What exactly are you discussing? It is futile, simply futile. And I don’t understand why you are bothered with issues of whether one has confidence in Raila or not! It is immaterial. BBI is not Raila! The BBI report will be presented to the people of Kenya. The people will read it and discuss it as they wish. Then they will proceed to the referendum and vote. And they will vote for, or against the report. There will be no vote for or against Raila or indeed anyone else. What does it matter whether one has confidence in Raila or not?? What are all these sideshows in your style of thinking in aid of? And the BBI report that will be taken to the referendum is not the initial draft that you could have read, its merits and demerits not withstanding. The report being waited for is the yet-to-be-released final draft. We can’t engage in a debate on it because it has not been released. What’s so hard to understand in this? If you find it underwhelming after it’s release, then you just vote against it. Those who find it appropriate, will vote for it and one side will carry the day! I just don’t understand your line of thought. There is no final BBI report to be debated for now.

    4. @George Odhiambo whatever makes you happy George. The substance of my arguments is out in this thread. BBI is not a constitutional document. You can call this crap but you know it. The BBI is neither a popular initiative, nor a paliamentary process, this may be crap to you but it is not; for a majority of us who want fidelity to the law. In any constitutional dispensation, the process is as important as is the desired results. And to say that BBI is a document that can be separated from Raila mantra is tantamount to insulting a lot of thinking people out here. I don’t know whether this is an egotistical argument for you, but before you explain to us why you have no problem with Raila drumming support for a document we have not read, you cannot object to my blatant refusal to be drawn into whether Kenyans should read it or not. If We are sincere about such discussions, you ought to hold everyone to account. Even so, I have tried, albeit with great difficulty to pass a simple point: Based on the initial document, and supported by the fact that ODM and Jubilee honchos are out here trying to convince us of what they apparently don’t know, I would urge every Kenyan to reject that document. No amount of bullish attitude can make us listen to people whose interests are intertwined with the process. On the same note, You should cut the crap and drop the act of finding fault in what am saying. Because I have solid reasons that explain my indifference. I do not understand why they are disturbing you. And it is true, this is a futile discussion, most likely to end in namecalling. Since you have no guts to face your own oppressors, you seem to be busy trying to engage a made up mind. Wait for the damned document, read or don’t read it…. It’s your funeral. Not mine. I already made up my mind and I will not stop speaking it out because you have delegated your thought process to some guy… who in your words, knows the spirit of BBI and again in your words, does not own the BBI process. What a turncoat!!!

    5. @Luiz Sakwa I am still telling you to cut out the crap. The merits and demerits of the BBI is not and cannot be in the scope of our debate. The document is non-existent! If the process is unconstitutional, then any aggrieved party can walk to court and seek a constitutional interpretation. Failure to do that will take us to the path I have been repeating over and over. Firstly, present the document, secondly follow it up with a debate then finally the referendum! Matter closed. Spending too much energy discussing a non-existent document is a most futile exercise. Absolutely no framework.

    1. Seems you are a person with no good moras, standards and don’t even respect your elders.
      Hata kama hupendi MTU hii sio njia yaku ongea.

    1. @Ikala Movie Clips wasidhubutu sai , na vile wametufinya na hii corana fake yao,nita vote big NO hata ka itakua ni poa. Maze nko na hasira na mwenye ata recieve iyo documents

    2. @Ikala Movie Clips haa,c kwa ubaya .wa sort out economy kwanza,our business has shut down totaly,kumbe corona ilikuwa fake,ikawa covid19billioniers,ati tukae nyumbani na tuvae masks.iyo ndio maana na chukia hata ka nikizuri kinacho letwa na raila na uhuru.

  1. Raila tumekusuport miaka mingi BT this time wacheni tu. wanainchi Wa Kenya wameteseka sna. Waacheni wajiamulie. Plz. Kma munaongopa mungu.

    1. Whatever your saying is true. But something good to come. Lazima Binadamu apitie magumi.
      See how Baba himself suffered fighting for multiparty and he was Jailed for nine good years without sentence ama kupitia Kwa Court.
      What he had and still has is Hope for better Kenya.

    1. Heheheheee…. I feel sorry for my fellow Kenyan’s who share same ideas like yours.
      Tell me What it Means to be Hustler and the person who is the driving the narrative what has he done to show off to the Kenyan’s!?

    2. My friend now is hustler nation,tsunam,tremble,we loved your mganga ,but majority include me our mind has gonne stepward,baki na mganga wako hata cjui ka mt kenya wata mu back,

  2. Babu how do you expect us to support what we have not seen? If it is ours, why the secrecy? Hustler nation needs wheelbarrows, jikos, mwikos etc for our jua kali hustle.

    1. @Tibim 254 It doesn’t matter who you are and who you are not. What’s unacceptable about Raila “being used”? Politics is a game of “being used” as you use others! That’s the nature of the game. In any case he doesn’t need the advise of your likes. Seek alternative individuals and formations to proffer your advise to!

    2. @George Odhiambo well if you want to be used just like Babu is being used so be it. However, I reserve my right to critique both you and him- I also respect your right to do the same. In fact though I do not agree with your views, I am nonetheless ready to die defending your right to express your views.

    3. @Tibim 254 The issue of my being used does not arise. I said being used as you use others is the nature of the game of politics. I am not in politics! Where have you picked that one from??

    4. @George Odhiambo actually by the mere fact that we are discussing political issues we are deep into politics. We may not be politicians but we are all into politics one way or another

    5. @Tibim 254 Yep. But the context of discussion was of those who use each other. Those who discuss politics with intellectual detachment have no purpose in using each other, though they may be used by others unwittingly. Those who are aspiring to acquire or keep power, on the other hand, use each other all the time. That was the context.

    1. Hii ndio shida na wakenya kama wewe. Kitu hujasoma hata hujui iko nini ndani yako. Unakataa.
      And then unatumia wingi eti We. Boss uko na one vote bana. Jisemee mwenyewe.

    2. 1vote? Remember 50+1 then somebody in ikulu,stop calling other wajinga,infact you and your baba you need to be called stupid,we what is in BBI is about adding leadership,your mganga has realise he will go no where,what he has decide is to have ceremonial prezo and prime mister,kwaivo?

    3. @Thomas Marende The fate of the BBI report will be determined in a referendum in which you will exercise your one vote just like everyone else. And Raila has said that he will have no problem with the outcome of the referendum. The people will have made their regardless of the outcome! What are you rambling on and on about? What can’t you understand?

    1. That is true no one have gone to heaven and came back,they are hiding in church and insulting others because they think attending the church and giving offerings is the ticket to heaven, they should not insult Mzee Raila, he has seen alot even most of them will not approach his age. They are joking with God and He is a consuming fire.

    2. Ehhhh………
      …..The People’s President……
      …….baba in control……….
      …..🎶 Dog A Go Nyam Dog 🎶 ……
      ….wakisema……sikiza reggae…  
        …..baba hoyeeee……
      …….magufuli hoyeeeee…
      ……in baba we trust……

  3. Inawauma sana Wengine Baba akiwarekebisha watu katiba hata hii ya sasa wiliipinga lakini sasahivi wanasema ni nzuri Bbi noma asubuhi mapema bbi ilishapitishwa

    1. ulisoma ukaielewa Bob haina maana kwasababu tukichagua rais nihuyohuyo mpaka afe ndio tuchague mwengine basi nimzuri nimbaya mtajjua wenyewe

    2. @Jamal Mohamed Ehhhh………
      …..The People’s President……
      …….baba in control……….
      …..🎶 Dog A Go Nyam Dog 🎶 ……
      ….wakisema……sikiza reggae…  
        …..baba hoyeeee……
      …….magufuli hoyeeeee…
      …….in baba we trust…..

    1. Ehhhh………
      …..The People’s President……
      …….baba in control……….
      …..🎶 Dog A Go Nyam Dog 🎶 ……
      ….wakisema……sikiza reggae…  
        …..baba hoyeeee……
      …….magufuli hoyeeeee…
      …..in baba we trust…..

    2. Ruto hajawahi wania presidential seat, round hii wachatuone maedeleo yake kwa hustlers 👍👍

    1. @frank mw president of which people you or me or who? Ridiculous he is just a mzee like my grandfather,,he should be eating pension, (Rooney for old people)

  4. This old man Babu Raila chameleon character he is the biggest betrayaer and liar, he cannot edorsed someone selfish all this political wrangles it because of the bbl , wherever he step somewhere there must be a problem

  5. Are we talking of a document only a few have seen and read to convince us before we see and read for ourselves? To rubber stamp it as blind people? No, God forbid.

    1. No. He said that the document will be made available to Kenyans to read and make up their minds in the referendum. And he said he has no issue with the direction the referendum will go. That’s what he said. What you are implying that he might have said is what YOU THINK he said. Now ask yourself why YOU THINK he said what he did not say! The problem is within you. Right in your heart and in your mind!

  6. Baba was wining all the year,but his victory was stolen by the deep state,now that he has adeep state,what remains is only the dates of swearing in

  7. Baba was wining all the year, but his victory was stolen by the deep state,now that he has adeep state,what remains is only the dates of swearing in

  8. This BBI the way we’ve waited for it it better not be a disappointment like everything Uhuru has touched.

    1. @soilborne a.k.a mcgeorge
      No. i did not say that:
      But did u hear Raila attacking Ruto 4 going and donating to the same.Did u hear him saying he will advise the parliament on such issues?.If not i was within that context sir.
      As a matter of correction i did not say Ruto is a true worshiper.HOwever he attends Churches many times.

  9. I pity Raila. He has wasted his old age in politics instead of resting with his great great grandchildren giving them stories.

  10. As soon as he got the handshake, he cornered Uhuru and came up with the BBI crap, it has come to the limelight of many that Raila had not read the whole document BUT he knows few lines that supports his interests and those of ODM…if you haven’t read thoroughly the whole document, how do you expect mama mboga and those in mashinani to know and vote for it? crap…

  11. Kenya can not have a referendum because for starters parliament is unconstitutionally assembled .so there is nothing they can make that will pass that will be legitimate .

  12. He claims their are people opposing the BBI even before they read,him supports the reports on BBI even before reading it or he already knows what in the reports,hypocracy of the highest level, Kenyans let us be smart we have been fooled for long.

  13. My friend, we will not accept that BBI. Hii kiti umetafuta since the 90s, na sahii unajaribu tricks. This time, hakuna Raila, Hakuna Uhuru, Hakuna Ruto. ALFRED MUTUA PERIOD.


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