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Raila Odinga: We had the worst election since return of multi-party politics in our country


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    1. @Francis Mwangi huyu mjinga wachana nae wasubiri waibiwe kila kitu Kenya ndio watajua ndio kimbe ruto ni mwizi tuu

    2. We were loosing 2 Billion a day under handshake brothers πŸ˜‚ if where was your outrage then hypocrites πŸ˜‚

    3. @Tukutane Chuom
      No handshake now,what is increasing the price’s of essentials?Get out of your tribal cocoon and grow up.

  1. Nini inawezakana yet You betray each other, imagine they are saying we have the number,and during senate speaker election,9 of Azimio members voted for Amason kingi yet they said “That doesn’t mean we have joined KK”

  2. A power hungry sore looser of 5 elections spewing his usual venomous. Alafu uskie kichaa fulani akisema he’s democratic!!

  3. Nguvu za waganga zinaendelea kuisha nguvu. Mzee nenda nyumbani kwa amani or utaenda na madharau kama nduguyo Uhuru.

    1. Uganga ni wewe, imeshinda freemason hao wanajigamba ni WA Mungu? Wachaneni na baba wetu. We are happy for you baba. This democracy everyone is enjoying you are the one who fought for it.

    1. Presidency doesn’t belong to two tribes ! Eti akiwa Mkikuyu and Mkalenjin ndo atakuwa rais . Siku mambo yatakuwa tofauti ndo nitaamini ukabila tumeweka pembeni. Tunakuombea heri Raila you are one in a million, so resilient. Mungu amwongoze Ruto aongoze kwa hekima ya Kimungu maana matendo ndo muhimu .

  4. Raila is being. Mis advaised, his lawyers presented forged logs of 2017. With such forgery how does he expect to be rulled in his favour.

    1. Would still say what you are saying if it’s you who were declared winner. Assuming you were govt and Ruto is saying that what you now say

  5. Opposition is back baby…lets go now..the government is fully packed now! One advice though, opposition should not just be about election but everything including economy

  6. A good leader stands tall in all circumstances. You stand on principles but not on material things. It’s unfortunate that leaders we elected to represent us both in Azimio and Independent have decided to leave their principles we elected them for and join the Kenya Kwanza team. Pole sana 😒, we are watching you.

  7. Shalom No more projections!!!Now we know Without blood shed n things working within the deep state time clock curses n threats never ceases!!!!How sad!!! Trump 2020/2024

  8. Hon. Raila, go back to opposition politics & move on. It’s high time you closely looked @ the REALITIES of Kenyan politics. There’s no ELECTION WHICH HAS EVER BEEN STOLEN FROM YOU! Get this loud & clear.
    For God’s sake, 4 different election chiefs have never been competent enough to satisfy your ego. Now you have moved your anger to the judiciary! Sir, with the judiciary, you won’t go far!
    Your language today 16/09/2022 is so different from just before the elections (09/08/2022). Obviously you assumed that you were the OUTRIGHT WINNER, mambo kwa ground ilikuwa completely different. Mambo bado.

    1. The fact that you have taken side to your preferred president. It doesn’t mean you limit yourself from thinking outside the box. Call a spade, a spade and not abig spoon.

  9. Don’t mention Justice Lenaola the way you are used to do to you small boys.
    He is a respected man in Maa Land, We can not allow you to drag his name to your bitterness.

    1. Babaaaaaaaa Babaaaaaaaa Babaaaaaaaa Babaaaaaaaa Babaaaaaaaa my prayer to you always πŸ™ ❀️ β™₯️

  10. Its weird the opposition saying that they did not participate in the 2017 repeat presidential election because of not attaining the irreducible minimums but took part in the 2022 elections under the same pre election conditions of 2017…the irony.

  11. This is so shocking.
    I didn’t even see it coming.
    Hon Baba can still stand and talk politics.
    WaaahπŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯± anyway it’s a career not a call.
    One more bullet remaining 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  12. President Ruto. His win will change kenya,this is a strong opposition they will keep the government in check,,strong government with a more strong opposition,,

    1. Jose Carmago prezzo uuuuuuiiiiii Uuuuuuiiiiii Uuuuuuiiiiii πŸ˜„ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜„ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜„ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† πŸ˜„ 🀣

  13. Nah, polarization won’t help. You’re a respected elder but these kind of statements make you look desperate. Learn to accept defeat sometimes. Really disappointed in you, baba!

  14. Good! they are doing what his excellency William Samoe Ruto asked them to do: be on the opposition and seeing only what is wrong.
    Kenya is moving on in the meantime.

    1. @ROSE Marry unfortunately not many Kenyans will ever learn from the pain. Those who are filled with hatred for Raila intentionally voted against all the good ideas that he might have implemented.

    2. @Wachira Muthui so Ruto was God then?? How easy you shift and drop God’s name why you cant use Brain to rebutal.

  15. You should direct your efforts in criticizing Ruto’s Govt not independent institutions. Sounds and looks really bad on you. You don’t like iebc which understandable given that you lost. You now despise the judiciary. You can’t certainly be a master in everything but people see that you are looking for something. No handshake unfortunately, maybe a bone in EAC can do or retain your infra docket at AU. 2027, here we come! SKM, jipange….utaonea viusasa πŸ˜†

  16. Chebukati is the hero. He stopped deep state from β€˜moderating” the results in favor of RAO. In other words, RAO was waiting for the System to steal the election for him. Shetani Ashindwe!

  17. Yaani Raila unasema kwa law hakuna words kama ‘hearsay’ na ‘incredible’? Wewe ndio maana uliambiwa you have a strong case na your puppet advisors yet what you had was fake evidence and cooked evidences. Ndio maana ziliitwa ‘hot air’. Flying all over with no place to stop (legal standing point).

    It is interesting how you all are now agreeing that their is indeed ‘state capture’. Something your running mate was not acknowledging in the dp debate but instead saw it fit to teach Gachagua its dictionary definition as if he had got it wrong.

  18. Kenya Without Raila isn’t kenya RAO the people’s president we love u Babab u tell us what to do and we shall do…..we are under ur ruling and not any one else

  19. Mzee relax you have enough opposition in parliament even is 2 have joined kk already by the last votes in parliament πŸ€”πŸ€”

  20. But he has given a sound advice ikifika hapo kwa government. First time I have heard you Raila making 100% sense. Those in government from Azimio should stay there to keep the new govnt in check. I believe had Raila not gone to shake hands, he would be the one occupying state house right now. 2018-2022 he has shown that he cannot make sense without speaking a non-government language.

    I also like that now he has realized and clearly regrets mistreating his minority members in NASA. Madvd and Wetangula’s mistreatment. That is a good clarion call and lesson. Luckily Mbadi is no longer a power in Parliament.

  21. BABA RAILA AMOLO ODINGA my hero take heart, May our Good God be praised in truth and heal our heart’s through peace,watching from busia Kenya teso north we need peace love and unity in our country. We love you BABA

  22. I don’t understand why speaker Moses WETA got 215 votes vs marende 137 when Azimio has numbers in parliament,

  23. For a moment let’s assume Baba won…So how many votes did he get? And how many did Ruto get?..it cannot be Hot Air, I presume. It has to be backed by numbers. Saying we won is not enough.

    1. @Eliud Lumwaji You have been brain washed to think that there was hacking and Raila won..snap out of it😝😝

  24. Ruto make you fell down when he was ordinary man. And about now while he is commander in chief of army force… don’t joks with him…go and stay home you reached old age

  25. Weeee our leaders haki🀣🀣🀣🀣…
    U wanted us to fight ndo ikae vizuri, am your fan but let it go😭😭😭😭

  26. Wow, those last words are encouraging. I like it when he calls for unity and togetherness. That’s what we need in Kenya. Umoja.

  27. His Excellency the President W. S. R , promised to appoint and add budget allocations. He is just fulfilling and doing his mandate. RAO , just accept and move on.

  28. God has a reason for you to be alive today, but your enemies wants you to dissappear. But we thank God coz He is the final say may you live long baba 😚😚

  29. Kwani lazima ushinde elections for such elections to be seen as transparent and fair? Wewe ni ng’ombe kabisa

  30. Best speech ever, Azimio mps are arm of registrative arm of government, so they’re already governing. Why should they be bought to UDA?

  31. And the Opposition has taken up its role in earnest.
    Kenya is now back on track!!
    Thank you Hon Odinga, the greatest Opposition Leader in Kenya’s history. Make sure President Ruto’s Government is accountable to Kenyan citizens.

  32. Tuangalie katiba baba ,presidency to take 2.5 years we renew ,mtu akifanya kazi poa aende for 10yrs but kura zipigwe 4 time during that tenure

  33. These ANGLES waited….and……waited…..& waited for Kenyans to fight……..uptown to now they r still wondering.

  34. Endelea kutunga story za canaan but the big guy ashachukua the mantle,,,, who is the looser now,,You baba plus mama so just let it go and retire in peace

  35. RAO WILL BE BACK IN 2027!!!!!!!!, I dare anyone to take this to CBK and have your Treasury bonds with it and start earning annual interest on this.

  36. What if u were declared the winner, the elections to u would have been the best. Since u lost kindly let others work for the interest of Kenyans.

  37. Blame your so called troops who did not that there was no need for petition as there was evidence. Its only that they did not want to tell you the reality…


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