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Speaker Wetangula says house will engage SRC to return perks


National assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula is pushing for the reinstatement of mps perks scrapped by the salaries and remuneration commission. Wetangula has indicated the return of the perks in a discussion with SRC. The commission had scrapped the perks in austerity measures amongst state officers but as Sam Ogina reports Wetangula said mps play extra ordinary roles and need to be well facilitated


  1. When many of the citizens cannot afford a meal a day, the greedy members of parliament are back at it again expressing their greediness.

  2. You are one of the highest paid lawmakers in the world, shame on you. While the common mwananchi is suffering with inflation increase in food prices, fuel and electricity and here you are looking after your tumbos. Is this what you were elected to do? Bure kabisa.

  3. This is mockery to the common mwananchi who is struggling to provide food to their children. I can’t believe this….they should cut off those perks until the country is back on it’s feet.

  4. If Kenya was just far away from corruption,
    hatred , Tribalism, voting coz u love ur Party member or leader.
    We could have reached far.
    Marende was once a speaker and he did a good job.
    A person is being elected to rule on a department which they have no clue nor wisdom
    It is wrong.
    Is like electing a politician who never passed his exams nor went to school,
    to be the Minister of education,
    This is to bad , how will this agender help 🇰🇪 s
    Politicians get a lot of 💰 , which kenyans are the ones who are paying thru ur taxes,
    cant they buy there own fuel and 🚗
    This is joke.


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