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“The real problem…is that these young people are jobless.” – DP Ruto


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    1. @Recheal Mugure . Mimi sitaki coz nitachagua mwenye nataka na wheelbarrow I can affort hata mkokoteni alete kitu cha maana

    1. Ulikuwa unataka aende na wheelbarrow, mpandishwe ndege, him going with chopper he work hard, nyinyi ndio haujuwi mtu huaza chini

    2. just like u going to ur parents with Mercedes benz, so does it mean u should go walking coz they don’t have even a vitz ama demio…i said dynasties like u don’t think….coz thinking is what u fear most. Let wsr do what he does best….coz u guys r best in making others poor so that u thrive in our poverty…#HUSTLER NATION FOR CHANGE.

    3. Bora ume understand, mm sio Malaika, ama Mungu kila mtu huwa na mistakes, wewe hufanyangi mistakes umenda wapi, wheelbarrow hadi mwisho

    1. Hao wengine wamefanyanini, isipokuwa kumwangisha damu ya watu,, raila amekupea nn, better wheelbarrow utauza miwa upate10bob yako

    2. @yones yones My worth is more than wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrow apelekee brothers wako wauze nayo dawa ya mende kando ya barabara. If you need wheelbarrow don’t think everyone needs it.

    3. @sewati Cyber I see youuuuuuuu aaaaaaah don’t worry be happy team wheelbarrow, you are one of my BRO,,, pesa kindogo ndio umanza kukuwa hivo

    1. @Bade John he been a substitute to the main man who has been sidelining him just like MOI did saitoti but in a subtle way people cannot observe.

  1. What did you do the last 5 years ago, but now because it’s the last term u are giving youth mkokoteni. You could have started long time ago don’t fool us

    1. What of u….u yourself what have done for urself in the past 5years…and what have u done for this country in the past five years…or u r just a busy body on social media blaming wsr….atleast we have seen or if we have not seen we have heard what wsr has done…na wewe yako..???? table urs…and let kenyans see…during lockdown what did u donate….??if dynasties could join wsr and do what he does best then we could all be better…but u dynasties are miser.

  2. The “oligarchs”never takes it kindly when one of them rebels.it is a capital offence .Mr chief “hustler”be careful.The dynasties and oligarchs will defend their territory to the last man.

  3. Those majority in Bomas have already decided for us. How on earth can those we call leaders shout when DP speaks his mind. This thing is a killer to Kenyans. If we can’t seat and reason……

  4. Congratulation our DP u r the only one who represented us .wengine Ni vimbaraka vya dynasty’s. Hongera Tena kutoka mlimani

  5. if you were made finance minister with looting of kimwarer, arrow and itaare dams, the youth would be finished and mwizi you would order more wheelbarrows and mkokotenis for all our varsity graduates to deal with high joblessness and what a genius idea by mwizi of addressing youths joblessness in our nation; looting the mega projects and riding in choppers and high end cars to villages to donate wheelbarrows and mkokotenis to our varsity graduate youths

  6. Thank u DP we are there for u .if they like or Not we are the coise ur our heroes be blessed again and again

  7. Lakini siwewe Naruto umesema you shall revisit the judiciary na mukainyima less za kufanya kazi. Book Leo tens unaongea la chameleon sababu the shoe has been removed na iko kwa wengine. Nararajua umesema take an a siku zote simama na ukweli. Urafiki sasa ndiyo unakukula wa kutokuwa mkweli


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