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TONIGHT | Decoding DP William Ruto


Kenya CitizenTV


  1. Mr. Arap mshamba, you said you participated in the nomination of those who are in bbi committee if that is true why are you opposing a process that took part and president kept you appraised it’s progress?? Why are you reading a different script than that of the president?? How do feel expressing reservations a process that the president and his entire gov’t support and yet you are in his gov’t and his deputy for that matter?? Why don’t you agree the president or disagree and save Kenyans from your political machinations and conmanship once and for all.

  2. Wewe ni mrongo uliita judiciary ni wakora wakati muliiba kura ukachukuwa uongozi. Sasa unabadili msemo uliyosema

    1. @Anthony Njuguna Asante Ndugu yangu kwa Babangu mkubwa sisi sote ni wakenya. Kenya Ndio Baba na Mama yetu Nchi ambayo imetulea na kutukuza kwa Heshima tushikane Tuuenuwe kenya inpendeza na Inastahili Neema na Rehema kutoka kwetu Tukiomba kwa Mwenyezi Mungu atuongoze na Kuwabariki wakenya.

  3. The most boring interview…
    Ruto always likes cutting off the interviewer n directing wht questions he shld be asked …all the time noo nooo nooo fake..

  4. Jubilee mume pora kenya ruto wacha kudanganya wakenya during era of jubilee so many companies have been closed down due to high taxes. Power gani unasema wakati kenya imeporwa hamna hajira na hela

    1. @sir p na wewe utabaki ukiwa?? Huyu jamaa amesaidiya wakenya na nini kwa miaka minane akiwa kama kiongozi wa jubilee hebu sema juu kumira kumira sasa sote tunapitiya shida sote

    2. @Bernard Omondi that should have been a question for another day about his performance. He is raising issues of concern

    3. @Anthony Nyamai which concerned exactly are you talking about. They have been in power by force for 8years. What have their help rather than madeni na kuwawekea wakenya mizigo ambayo tutalipa na hata vizazi vinne vijavyo bado watalipa. And yet you are here talking about concerned. Akili yako iko timamu ama wakenya wanauumia hamna ujira, hamna hela nchi inarudishwa nyuma

    4. @Bernard Omondi educate me on how the issues you raise will address those problems you are talking about?

  5. Why are we talking about women? we should be talking gender…suppose more women are elected more than men in 2022

  6. Ruto speaks as if he hasn’t been in Government for 7-years; Matter of fact as Deputy President. did we have to wait for covid for our hospitals to be well equipped?, For Kenyans to be ravaged by diseases other than covid as corruption supercedes service delivery?, Over 50 years of deep-rooted nepotism & tribalism at public institutions. Where are the dams??, The 5 state of the art stadia he promised during his 1st term which he later on said during 2nd term campaign they din’t build any during the 2013-2017 term cz they plan to build 9in 2nd term. did he not promise primary kids laptops as if we dont have kids who study outside under a tree??…. But then again

    1. He can only fool fools like him. That moron shouldn’t be near public office along with the drankurd at the helm.

  7. editing both personals primary perspective is flawless and shameless. i dislike using great time watching something having not ingenuity. boring with the editor’s work it is bias and deprives us of original conversation.

    1. He is a combination of ODM and TNA so he is more informed – a better choice I think. He has learnt from past mistakes.

  8. Joe keep quiet.. Dr Ruto is very wise and if you think you can pin him down sorry.. He is answering you the way you didn’t expect….. I love you Daktari Ruto… Thank you for Such a wise explanation.. But teach Joe it seems kuna vipengele hajaelewa… Kumbe tuko wengi hatujaelewa hii BBI😂😂😂

    1. Where are the laptops ruto promised?
      What of stadiums???????
      Employment opportunities to young citizens
      Food security
      Water and sanitary

  9. Goodness! Rutos arguments are really absurd. Why don’t he just vote no instead of taking us in circles. No one will judge him for that since its his democratic right. Raila boycotted elections n he was all over him with insults, now he is contemplating the same? Wonders will never end.

  10. The interruptions by Joe clearly shows he’s reading from a press kit. He must have been instructed. Unfit for interviewing intelligent people

  11. It’s bad journalism and bad manners to silence the microphone of the guest speaker more so the DP. Ageyo you seem to have an agenda to confuse the public

    1. @Babloo Jijo he is the guest speaker, and has a right to articulate his points! After all the channel is earning more with viewers and adds by virtue of dp presence! Ageyo should take que from Jacki maribe journalism on how to deal with guests speakers on air!

  12. Yes ageyo you’re actually being so simplistic in your maswali. Keep in mind you are dealing with a doctor and a veteran politician

    1. @John Jam if that’s your point then you don’t know the meaning of a veteran. Complete your studies first then follow a politician.

    2. @Abdullahi Omar you know what I am talking about bro if you’re genuine! But however you take it haitobadilisha ukweli!

    1. @Rainbow Tears 2027 Nikimtomba mamako ndio akajua kuhii ni tamu..kisha ajakuambia…uache ufala.. YouTube si kuma ya mamako….nugu wewe.

    2. @Anthony Njuguna tabia za Jaluo hizo ndio mnaogaga na mama zenu kwa basin moja Sisi tuko tofauti,hukukawia kuleta mambo ya akina mama hapa

    3. @Rainbow Tears 2027 Kabisaaa. Mimi huoga kwa karai moja na mamako…baada ya kumtomba kisawasawa. Kwanini Mamako hutufuata sisi wajaluo….ujumbe maalum ni kwamba wewe nilikuzaa ..na mimi ni mujaluo kamili.. sawasawa?!

    4. @Rainbow Tears 2027 Uliza mamako atakueleza. Jaluo ndio kusema. Wewe ni matokeo ya mujaluo..na huyo ni mimi babako…heshimu wazazi.

  13. Ruto should stop confusing ppl. Please, work on a bill like Oukot Punguza Mzigo so as ppl can have a choice. The way a person frames a referendum question is his or her own choice. You had 2 yrs to give your views but you failed. Just prepare to oppose the BBI

  14. Revenge is satan’s way of destroying both the innocent and the offender. Once vengeance becomes the motivation, the wounded party can suddenly be swept up in rage and hatred. This poison spread to everything the vengeful person touches. On earth, we can see that we will never find perfect and complete justice, no matter “goodness “of the judicial system in place at the time. But God will not only bring justice, He will deliver us from the hand of oppressors and deliver us from the poison of hatred. 😋

  15. Sasa huyu alsomea journalism mtaani anadhani anaweza shame Dp Dr.William Ruto?
    Alafu his title is Dp Dr.Ruto not Doctor Ruto

  16. Ruto you’re messy, how comes since the 2018 you didn’t participate in making the process instead you chose to oppose everything , it’s too late.
    – Resign from the Gvt and form your own party.
    – Kenya has representatives in the Parliament and also have experienced lawyers , Ruto is not a lawyer and very rigid. His YK 92 mentality is confusing everybody , Kenya is bigger than RUTO. Let him look for his country where everyone think the same.

    1. Good observation! Lootall is in the business of comparing dwarfs…who amongst the dwarfs is tallest. The man can sell your face to you!

  17. Joe Ageyo must be one of the worst interviewer of all journalist, even a first year journalism student won’t reason this way . Give the enterviewee freedom .

  18. Ruto is dividing the country by the Hustler vs Dynasty theory, this is divisive. There is no unity in this theory, hatred is planted in people to fight certain group ofKenyans just because their parents happened to be watu wakubwa! Very dangerous indeed.
    – we don’t need such theory from a responsible leader who actually benefitted so much from the Dynasty regime.

    1. Thank you finally someone can see what i have always thought,this hustler vs Dynasty is very dangerous,they think it’s funny now but it will cost them later

  19. The interviewer’s script was to try make the DP say yes or now. DP replied to him, multiple choice. He kept on asking the same question, he kept on getting the same answer.

  20. Joe Ageyo your questions are full of bias. You also ask questions and want to cut the DP short. I am happy the Dr. is educating you. Much love for my DP for articulating valid ideas

  21. joe ageyo, this interview was horrible. no mastery of the subject, impetous and absolutely zero professional journalistic courtesy. and i am not even a journalist and i know this was trash.
    i think these journalists think being antagonists to ruto will make their careers.
    you are a journalist, your job is to ask the questions that give the TRUE story of the interviewee not your personal affiliations

  22. This interview went downhill really fast! 😂 @joeageyo brought a toy gun to Armageddon. When you thought you were an apex predictor, kidogo kidogo you are running for dear life.. 😂😂😂

  23. I also felt the bias nature of Joe…Who are you working for? Journalists should be unbiased. Citizen get a fair reporter next time.

  24. Dp is more in touch with kenyans than these othe fellows who dont even see and feel the impact of corona pandemic. January kenyans will raise their hands in surrender when the impact will actualize. A realitt is yet to dawn to us. Those fronting for change of constitution are looking for a wave but no issues. This time citizens might be abit cleverer to look at issues politicians present rather than popularity.

  25. Joe was too aggressive toward a predetermined position. Not the balanced discussions I am used to in the Gang. Just as much as the referendum is not a solution to Corona and national economic woes so is the joint referendum and general election. However one is a less evil as it does not aggrevate the already bad situation. Joe you faired badly.

  26. those excreting here that oh joe bad interview, watch interviews of cnn, sky, etc. journalists are not supposed to pamper interviewees, as long as they stick to issues not personal attack.

  27. Wow, what an interview! William Ruto hypocrisy is stunning. The depth of his dishonesty of astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of his response to answers from Joe is more pathetic than anything else. Did he just know there is corona, people are having financial issues while he was holding rallies with large crowds without mask and no social distancing?? He is the most flawed person I have ever heard in my life. Bure kabisa.

  28. Dp is another mkora in the government, let him know that we are going to change and amend the constitution, it is either him to start a no campaign as he has prepared his troops

  29. very true your excellency kenyans are not fools. They know very well what they need in that bbi item and what they don’t.

  30. I may Not support Dp Ruto neither other Senior 2 principals BUT MARK MY WORDS IF THERE IS ONE LEADER I LIKE TO LISTEN COZ OF HIS SOBERNESS AND ALERTED ON THE GROUND FACTS ITS DR. WILLIAM RUTO…THIS GUY GOT ALL NETWORKS AND SMART IN HIS GAME AND POLITICS THAN ANY ONE ELSE IN KENYA…TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT RUTO IS SMART AND ALWAYS AHEAD OF OTHER POLITICIANS IN GAME….and tha makes me keep my ears so open to what he’s saying and do more of my research and deep search to what he say…. DR. W.S. R HE IS SMART NO DOUBT ABOUT IT….👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  31. This Joe guy…agggr….it looks as though he had been trained to ask some “key” questions that he wanted specific answers and not answers by the Interviewee. Very absurd interview. Good thing the DP held his nerve.

  32. I have watched this and its clear that Hussein was better suited for this job, he keeps interrupting every now and then,further more he reveals his political affiliation in an indirect way,I like how Waiga is good at moderation,I wish Joe a political career, i think he would do better there,someone else opinion does not have to be someone else reality,this is just an observation though,Thank you to Joe for the interview and thanks to the deputy president for showing up to

  33. Hehe hapa ni mabishano i say, I will ask my cousin about journalism ethics just to know if am right or wrong this is pinning down someone,i dont belong to the jubilee team nor the hustler nation but truth be told,joe came just to argue hehehe Ruto is a smart guy,he understood very well the intentions of Joe and he did not play by his rules,sauti inazimika na this is a leader tunataka kuskia anajitetea aje, Mr Githae from royal media services,please advice joe on this matter,he is a good presenter but he has some emotions on live air

  34. Hata heri joe angetafuta Stephen Letoo who has more experience in political matters yawa to advice him on this matters,Sasa joe anamka anaenda ramogi radio wengine wako field ,kwa graaoo yenyewe,very bias, but all in all it proved that the DP is just who is his and maybe thats part of the reason people fight him

  35. Joe,when you not a good listener,you’ll not get to understand anything and thats why you keep interfering. Anyway,you want to force the DP to say whether he’s IN or OUT!That is impossible now

  36. Ruto plse accept you will NEVER see the House in the HILL!!!!
    You have ZERO chance my man……
    All Corrupt are in for it now!!!!
    Chapter six!!

  37. When u were dishing money everywhere u didn’t know of the conditions in hospitals ,u are speaking like u come from abroad , hypocrite of the highest order.

  38. Joe Ageyo is being argumentative instead of asking questions and expecting an answer, not talking back, he is holding brief for BBI promotters

  39. The so called Joe, is nailed for his unprofessionalism by unwarranted interfearing instead of remaining neutral and listening, it is immature, he is being undressed. His argument is useless and looks ignorant, the quality of his journalism and many in Kenya is very wanting.

  40. Kenyans journalists don’t prepare with questions before interview someone joe things is pathetic asking nonsense questions

  41. thats a sub standard interview i feel it not wise that joe asks a question and interruptes before recieving the full explanation

    1. What about the diaspora. Are they not Kenyans? Why nobody cares about their voice and votes. It is all about GDP when you hear about them. Shame on you! BBI. Can somebody tell me where this interviewer trained. It is a college I would avoid by all means. Very bias and annoying!

  42. Kweli yako lakini huyu Joe hajui kuhoje mbeshe kama 2 ilitaka kwenda haja bure yako bbinje tumechoka na makatiba yacio na maana kila ukishindwa tuende ka katiba nn kwa mzee avio kwendakuleeya wajuku bure walala hoi taambani na mambo ya bbinje mungu ashuke Joe kwenda zako hata huwezi pata kazi kwa bbc ama cnn joe pure zako

  43. what kind of this interview is this…this journalist need to respect his guests and let them express their opinion. dont ask stupid questions you are not ready to hear theanswer..seems like you have answers you want to hear

  44. “you are not a legal expert Joe that’s why you’re talking like that” well said,bure kabisa,clown journalist

  45. Mr dp seems not sure of where he stands or belongs. Mr dp you are one person who have contributed in the spread of CORONAVIRUS

  46. This is where Royal media goes rogue or rather wrong. Joe was out there for an argument and with no respect for the second in command. Clearly, you were trying to be Hussein Mohammed, Your not, shake it off fellow. That was pathetic and shame on you. That’s bad journalism , I expected much more on grown ass conversation and not confrontation

  47. who on earth is this Joe,……citizen should get Hussein back here to perform his roles….he knew how to handle these people well without siding…joe shuuuuut uuuuuuup and learn how to neutralize yourself as a journalist .Total shame

  48. Joe is arrogant who is contradicting himself, “people were still dying'” how dare😳. His imitating Sakur ‘Hard Talk’ at BBC

  49. With the Dp telling us that we shd vote against articles it’s very that there are those he doesn’t support, so let him n his team come up with their own BBI put whatever they think or even make it a law

  50. Joe will address this man as Mr President-elect in a future interview 🤔🤔 he should ask Pro-Trump journalists

  51. Ruto is just a blubbering fool. He has no vision. We must change the structure of the executive. We know you don’t want the presidency to be diluted because you think you’ll be the president.

  52. Citizen tv shame on you! Where did this Joe came from, this is a man with fixed mind not an interviewer. This is our president you are handling

  53. Good work Mr Joe Ageyo. It seems that some people wanted you to give the DP a walkover. It is good you were tough and wasn’t intimidated.


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