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“You will face a battle with Kenyans if you ignore them,” Raila tells Ruto over tax increase


Azimio leader Raila Odinga has now told President William Ruto that he has only two options regarding the finance bill 2023., either to face and listen to Kenyans or ignore them and face a battle with Kenyans never seen before in this country. In a statement this evening, Odinga said the proposed taxes in the bill do not affect him or his co-principals and that he is only fighting for Kenyans who are lowly paid.


    1. It’s not the first time. It’s only that you were bdeaf and blind. You are now back to normal.

  1. Mzee Raila Amolo Odinga is extremely confused and finished politically. He should retire from politics and leave space to one of Azimio leaders.

    1. @Eunice Jefwa Don’t lose and start insulting and intimidating the winners. If you can’t beat them join them!

    1. If he was a leader would have been elected President in 2022 contrary to His Excellence President William S Ruto who won against people with all instruments of power, system and deep state!

  2. As much as i am against the finance bill proposal, i know this hypocrite old man and his old coprincal don’t give a jack shit about kenya and it’s people but hiding behind the problem Kenyans are facing for their own selfish gain and early campaign for 2027

  3. Tbh this housing levy is similar to what Canadian and U.S Citizens pay in North America 😂 if u come out here u will be paying much more taxes 😂😂 and much more bills .

    PSA to all Kenyan you should learn how the rest of the world works before u decided to migrate 😂😂

    If u understand Canadian & U.S Citizens pay heavier tax 🤣🤣 and much more bills

    Take a look to what goes on out side of Africa and Kenya

    Every biweekly pay Canadian earn taxes gets taken out

    But Annually when we do our taxes we get money back .

    Understand how it works else where 🤣🤣

    1. Even a dog is more intelligent than you if you can have the guts to compare Kenya and USA.

    2. How many JOBLESS pples in Canada? How many Kenyans who are being employed poor young man?

    3. You cannot compare kenya with US and Canada. Those countries their are more job opportunities as compared to our country Kenya. I salute you pple president Raila Amollo Odinga

    4. It will be very unfair to compare a day to a night,in USA and Canada you will even feel what you pay as tax is way less than the government services you get in return,no water shortage,no electricity issue,roads are smooth and carpeted every summer,you don’t need a local Chief/ mca/ mp/senator/ God of all fathers to get into decent job! Yet in Kenya the only way to survive is to loot public funds which by itself doesn’t add any value with the poor infrastructure and unstable electricity!The price of a cup of tea in Vihiga is determined by the ideology of the guy in state house which isnt sustainable !If you are still hopeful that Rigy G and his boss will improve your life then you must be in deep slumber

  4. Mzee lipa tax…umeshikilia sana upande wq tax mbona…sisi na kina mama mboga hatulipi kitu..hii kitu ya tax inakuuma kichwa sana…kra imeanza kukukamua kwa biashara zako ama vp?😁.lipeni tax tulipe zile madeni mumechukua wakati wa handshake,

    1. Those who have chosen him are still supporting him and will continue to be his loyal ones! Hii imeenda!

  5. Raila and his goons have only two options: to let His Excellence President Ruto and Kenya Kwanza deliver to Kenyans (1) and wait for 2027 and guess if they can win and deliver (2).

  6. They looted Kenya dry
    Now attacking taxes
    Every developed country is run on taxes.
    Let Ruto rule your time u don’t fight for so called kenyans

  7. Kenya Kwanza regime is purely on self- preservation and privelege and not on solving Kenyans’ mounting daily suffering. Only Azimio can pull us out of this deepening hole!


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